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Superintendent’s statement on the mission of Catholic schools

February 6, 2015
Maureen Huntington
Superintendent, Department of Catholic Schools

The Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of San Francisco exist to teach and evangelize the students and families we serve. Our mission is clear. As Catholic school educators, administrators, and employees, we believe in and live our lives according to teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Because we live in a very secular society, the truth as revealed by God gets overshadowed by popular ideology. In order to remain faithful to God’s revelations and the church’s teachings, additions and clarifying statements have been developed for our teachers and staff members articulating specific fundamental truths, which are not understood or accepted within our secular society.

Our Catholic school educators are people of faith and integrity. I am confident that the clarifications offered by our archbishop will be accepted in light of God’s call to all of us to remain faithful to God’s teachings as articulated by the Catholic Church. We choose to teach in a Catholic school and this vocation is a commitment to excellence in everything we do and say each day. It is the way we live our lives and engage our students and families that brings Jesus into their hearts.

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