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Archdiocese announces clergy appointments

May 1, 2015

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone has announced the following appointments, effective July 1, 2015, unless otherwise noted. Some of these assignments have already been made known.

INCARDINATIONS, effective March 26, 2015: Father Luello N. Palacpac, Father Arsenio G. Cirera, Father Alner U. Nambatac.

PASTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS: Father Moises Agudo, administrator, St. Anthony of Padua, San Francisco, continuing as pastor, St. Peter Church; Father Arturo L. Albano, pastor, Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption; Father Agnel de Heredia, pastor, St. John the Evangelist Church; Father Marvin P. Felipe, pastor, St. Thomas More Church; Father Francis M. M. P. Garbo, pastor, Mission Dolores Basilica; Father Manuel D. Igrobay, pastor, St. Paul of the Shipwreck Church; Father Alner U. Nambatac, pastor, St. Timothy Church; Father William H. Thornton, pastor, St. Matthias Church.

CONTINUED AS PASTOR AFTER TWO TERMS: Father Lawrence C. Goode, St. Francis of Assisi Church, East Palo Alto; Msgr. Steven D. Otellini, Church of the Nativity, Menlo Park.

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: Father Armando J. Gutierrez, Canon Law studies, Rome.

CHAPLAINCIES: Father Vito J. Perone, chaplain, Star of the Sea School, San Francisco; Father Bernard B. Poggi, chaplain, Arab-American Community with residence at St. Thomas More; Father Marvin P. Felipe, chaplain, San Francisco State University Newman Center.

RETIREMENTS: Father Clifford A. Martin, independent residence within boundaries of the Archdiocese of Seattle; Father Craig W. Forner, independent residence within boundaries of the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

DEPARTURES: Father Lucas N. Chacha, ALCP; Father Calixto A. Pablo; Father Jose Pelagio Padit; Father Elias M. Salomon, effective 9/30/15; Msgr. Adolfo Valdivia, effective 4/30/15.

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