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Sisters of Mercy celebrate ‘Opening Doors of Mercy’

November 19, 2015

The Sisters of Mercy in Burlingame are planning a special “Opening Doors of Mercy” ritual to begin the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. The public is invited to participate on Saturday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. at Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame. For free tickets see www.mercy-center.org.

The Year has special meaning to the Sisters of Mercy Community. “The Sisters of Mercy wanted to invite others into the grounds to emphasize that the Mercy of God is huge,” said Sister Mary Waskowiak, former president of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy. “The Year of Mercy is about igniting Mercy in everyone. It’s about giving language to Mercy, to the world’s need for Mercy.”

Fourteen Mercy ministries in the Bay Area will come together to reflect and celebrate on this day that the Mercy Congregation was founded in 1831.

“We have always been grateful that Catherine McAuley chose Mercy as the name of our Congregation when it was founded in Dublin,” said Sister Suzanne Toolan. “We want to join with Pope Francis who, in proclaiming the Year of Mercy, said, ‘Mercy is the beating heart of the Gospel.’ He has emphasized practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy that are the core of the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.”

Sister Suzanne Toolan, well-known composer of “I Am the Bread of Life,” has written a new song to be sung for this jubilee year with a text taken from Lamentations, “Your Mercies Are Never Spent” that will be sung for the first time at the service.

“With Pope Francis we pray that during this year as our God renews in all of us the gift of mercy, we, in turn will become better instruments of mercy to our brothers and sisters here and throughout the world,” said Sister Suzanne.

Further events are planned throughout the Year of Mercy and will be announced. For more information: www.mercy-center.org.

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