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Presentation Sisters elect leadership team

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Pictured from left are the Sisters of the Presentation new Leadership Team: Sister Michele Anne Murphy, president; Sister Pam Chiesa, vice president; Sister Giovanna Campanella, councilor; and Sister Paula Baker, councilor.

January 12, 2017

The Sisters of the Presentation from San Francisco have elected a leadership team who will serve 2016-2022. They are Sister Michele Anne Murphy, PBVM, president; Sister Pam Chiesa, PBVM, vice-president; Sister Paula Baker, PBVM, councilor; Sister Giovanna Campanella, PBVM, councilor.

The sisters’ work for the next six years will be in their new roles. “Yes, it is full time work for the next six years,” Rosana Madrigal, the sisters’ director of communications, told Catholic San Francisco. The four women religious oversee the sisters’ corporate offices, the alumnae association for their three closed high schools in Los Angeles, Berkeley and San Francisco as well as the motherhouse and the Lantern Program in San Francisco. They also are responsible for the sisters’ sponsored ministries that include Presentation High School, San Jose, Presentation Retreat and Conference Center, Los Gatos and Learning and Loving Education Center, Morgan Hill. There 69 members in the community with most living in San Francisco, 29 at the Turk Street motherhouse.

The Presentation Sisters’ Visionary Directional Statement says: Led by the Spirit and inspired by the life and charism of Nano Nagle, we are Presentation women filled with hope, rooted in contemplative consciousness, and committed to the primacy of relationship. We acknowledge the challenge of our reality as a smaller, older community with limited resources and commit to addressing our challenges with a sense of urgency. We continue our commitment to participate in the universal mission of Jesus Christ and to follow Nano’s exhortation to love one another and to spend ourselves for the poor.

The sisters have called themselves to actions including envisioning a new future through growth in communal contemplative prayer and dialogue, fostering dynamic engagement in every stage of their lives, and stewarding their limited resources wisely in the ongoing care of members and supporting their mission and legacy.

The Sisters of the Presentation have been serving the people of God in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1854.


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