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Parish offers sanctuary for undocumented

January 26, 2017
Christina Gray

St. Agnes Parish in San Francisco released a statement on Jan. 18 offering explicit support to undocumented immigrants.

“In discerning the signs of the times, we are unable to remain silent and believe that as a community, we need to continue to learn how to love our neighbors more fully by declaring our community a sanctuary space for those targeted by hate,” was in part the message signed by Jesuit Father Ray Allender, pastor, and Natalie Terry, director of the Ignatian Spiritual Life Center.

The community has pledged to join the developing San Francisco Rapid Response Network in order to be present during any U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement raids in homes and workplaces, to create a parish accompaniment team to assist families affected by raids and to offer their space as a safe meeting place or refuge for families as well as lawyers and other community support organizations.


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