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Marriage Encounter couple married 50 years

new 15 Marriage Encounter PAGEDean and Claire Simonich celebrated 50 years of marriage.

February 23, 2017

Among the couples celebrating decades of marriage were Dean and Claire Simonich who credit the longevity of their relationship to Marriage Encounter.

“It has helped us tremendously,” said Claire Simonich, who is celebrating 50 years of marriage to Dean. The couple is active in Marriage Encounter, and will be helping present at the weekend marriage enrichment retreat in May in Mountain View.

“It has helped us find our feelings,” Claire Simonich said.

“We’ve had, as every couple has, our ups and downs,” said Dean Simonich who with his wife made their first Marriage Encounter in 1993. The couple married in 1967 at St. Matthew Church in San Mateo. They are now parishioners at Our Lady of the Pillar in Half Moon Bay. “I think if not for Marriage Encounter and what it has taught us, we might not be here.”

In fact, Claire Simonich said her father told her right before she walked down the aisle: “You don’t have to do this.”

“What amazes us, and I think it is a testament to Marriage Encounter--her parents and my parents figured we would make maybe two years,” Dean Simonich said. But, he said, gesturing at the cathedral where the couple had just renewed their vows during the anniversary Mass. “We’re here. We’re happy.”

For more information about Worldwide Marriage Encounter, visit wwme.org.

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