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Gov. Brown signs budget with more money for abortion, assisted suicide

July 13, 2017
Valerie Schmalz

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the 2017-18 California state budget with no line-item vetoes – leaving in place more funding for abortion and increased Medi-Cal funding for physician-assisted suicide.

“Taxpayer funding of abortions for Medi-Cal patients puts the state in a one-sided role of expanding and promoting abortion on a statewide level,” the California Catholic Conference said in a statement that urged the governor, unsuccessfully, to veto Medi-Cal funding for abortion.

The budget, which took effect with the new fiscal year July 1, was signed by Gov. Brown June 27.

The Catholic conference applauded the inclusion in the $183 billion budget of $45 million in immigration funding to help Catholic Charities and other nonprofits provide legal services and education.

Other budget items praised by the conference were:

– Appropriation of $1.3 million for the implementation of a palliative care services program for Medi-Cal recipients, which the California bishops and others had advocated.

– $4 million to attract STEM and military professionals into teaching jobs; $20 million for teacher credentialing for classified employees; and $10 million in professional development for bilingual teachers.

– $7.9 million to reinstate 2,959 full-day state preschool slots for low-income families

– Full funding for Cal Grants that are used at private colleges and universities; and funding for The Middle Class Scholarship Program for students at California’s two public university systems.

– Expansion of the California Earned Income Tax credit. The budget extends the credit to self-employed workers and raises the income eligibility threshold to $22,360, helping an additional 134,000 low-income households. 

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