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‘Holy Spirit powers us toward will of God,’ Charismatic Renewal member says

04 Eclipse_caf (31) PAGECOVER UP: The eclipse Aug. 21 was a “momentous occasion” for students at Mercy High School, Burlingame, the school said. Special eclipse glasses were donated by Lena and Luke Perkocha, parents of Mercy freshman, Lily, and librarian Sarah Murphy also had a hand in “making this such a great teachable moment,” Mercy said. Taking in the sight are, from left, faculty member Pam Matthews, and students Mia Chiang and Taryn Luckman. (Courtesy photo)

September 14, 2017
Tom Burke

04 Murphy THUMBNo matter how you look at it, almost 50 years is a long time and the span comes into play at least twice in John Murphy’s 46 years as member of St. Gregory Parish, San Mateo and 43 years as member of the Charismatic Renewal. John and I spoke via email as the 20th anniversary conference for the renewal Sept. 23 at St. Mary’s Cathedral approaches.

“The Holy Spirit Conference is one of the ways for us to help each other to renew our commitment to doing the will of God and to serving others under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to grow in our ability to be guided by the Holy Spirit,” John told me.

The renewal itself celebrates its 50th year in 2017. It was launched from a college retreat at Duquesne University near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February 1967, 15 months after the release of “Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity,” a Vatican II document that “explains what the mission of the laity is in the church and points out that laypersons have the responsibility to witness to others and are often the only way the Gospel will reach others,” John said. At the Duquesne retreat “the Holy Spirit revealed himself in a powerful way by pouring out the gifts of the Spirit that we refer to as charisms, a word the church uses to describe these manifestations and the actual graces to perform services to others. Each of us is called to serve one another in love and show God’s love to others.”

John said: “When we seek to do the will of God, we are given the Holy Spirit to accomplish it. We need to let the Holy Spirit guide us and empower us. We call it the baptism in the Spirit, a dying by surrendering our will so that it can be joined to the will of God and a rising with the Spirit to carry out the will of God. It is a daily task because we are so prone to do things on our own. We are prone to ignore the Holy Spirit for days at a time.”


04 Sergio Calderon-Boy Band Photo credit- justjaredjr.com HALFNEWEST KID ON THE BLOCK: Congratulations to Woodside Priory senior Sergio Calderon member of “In Real Life,” the winning group on reality television’s “Boy Band” program. Thousands of contestants competed over 10 weeks of performances to become “the young men who were chosen to create the new boy band,” producers said in statement. Prizes included a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Sergio is a member of the Woodside Priory School chamber choir. His twin brother, Joseph, is also a singer, soccer player and senior at the Priory. Their parents are Josefina and Sergio Calderon. The family belongs to St. Anthony Parish in Menlo Park. (Photo by JustJaredJr.com)

75 YEARS: Close to a century is quite a stretch and Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, San Francisco celebrates its 75th anniversary with Mass and a picnic, Sept. 24. Featured are an “outdoor 10:30 a.m. Gospel Mass and an inspiring program that honors the past and shares hopes for the future,” the parish said. Food, music and fellowship will round out the day. For more information, contact Father Dan Carter, pastor, or rectory staff at (415) 285-3377; ollSanFran@aol.com.

REUNION: Thanks to Frank Noonan for calling in his upcoming 65th reunion with classmates from Sacred Heart High School Oct. 17 at Original Joe’s Westlake. They are the class of 1952, I was about 8 months old at the time. “Almost 30 classmates already attending,” Frank told me. Last time the group got together was for 60th five years ago. fnoonan@zaentz.com; (415) 497-1286.

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