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Dolan’s blast misdirected

October 12, 2017
John D. McCord
Point Richmond

Re “Dolan: Honesty about church’s flaws might win back defectors,” Sept. 28:

Cardinal Dolan’s remarks in New Orleans to over 400 priests were a tragic revelation of an intellectual deflection and a spiritual vacuum. How could such an educated guy miss the boat so badly?

It’s not the warts and imperfections of the church, it is those in positions of trust like yours that are blemished.

The mystical church and Christ are inseparable. You are not the church; you are separable from Christ and his church, just as I am.

More than one apology a week? That is going to get them pouring back!

You miss the point, those empty souls in the pews want to be a part of the family. It is not the “stupid” church, as you assert, that people shy away from; it’s the leadership they are repulsed by.

Why did you mislead the young men picking up the mantle of priesthood willing to bear the burden of your failings for decades to come? These men will be subject to suspicious eyes and derisive words behind their backs. Your talk did them no favors.

Like all things Roman Catholic, progress is glacial. Cardinal Dolan’s perspective proves the point. Better he was honest with his audience and reassure them as those picking up the pieces and facing the challenge of their lifetime. Until and unless the USCCB and others get the message, not many will be accepting warts or imperfections.

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