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Eliminating automatic weapons

October 26, 2017
Gene Valla
San Francisco/Healdsburg

Here is a perspective on mass shootings.

The perpetrator: To identify the person in advance is highly improbable. The motive: A myriad of explanations that only seem to be evaluated after the shooting. The location: There is almost no limit to the locales. The victims: Any person without consideration. The weapon: Now, this can be controlled.

I have family and friends who hunt. Those who hunt deer do so on foot, tracking and patiently waiting for that buck to appear. They use bolt-action rifles without scopes yet are accomplished and successful hunters. They do have more than one rifle, but not an arsenal.

I expect that the traditional gun owner is respectful of their gun ownership, frankly proud of it; that they exercise safety with respect to all firearms; would be proud to document their gun ownership; and that they, I believe, would advocate for a policy that provides for the elimination of automatic weapons or means to create automatic weapons.

Developing and enforcing such a policy would save innumerable lives and allow our law enforcement to narrow and direct their efforts on the villains.

How do we see such a policy implemented?

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