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‘We have the truth on our side,’ says Sacred Heart grad now actor

04 Mercy High School - Class of 1977 PAGEREUNION: All smiles for their 40th reunion is the Class of 1977 from Mercy High School, San Francisco. The good time took place Sept. 23 at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco. (Courtesy photo)

October 26, 2017
Tom Burke

04 Chris THUMBChristopher Meehan is in show business and along with his headshots, and resumes, his Catholic faith goes with him to every audition. In full disclosure, Chris is the brother of Catholic San Francisco assistant editor Valerie Schmalz, and for more than a decade a principal in the Meehan Brothers with siblings Michael and Howard. The trio made it to the semifinals in the NBC comedy reality program “Last Comic Standing” and were regulars on local stages and bandstands around the country. Chris, a 1987 graduate of San Francisco’s Sacred Heart High School, now makes his home in Southern California where he has acted in more than 100 commercials and TV guest spots.

While his answer to having commercials running now was “None at the moment – I need one soooon” – he does have a project currently on movie festival screens and shortly in wide release. “The Dating Project” is a film produced by his friend and peer Megan Harrington that follows five Catholic singles including Chris as they try to find Mr. or Miss Right. The producers of “Braveheart” as well as Paulist Productions and Family Theater are among backers of the film. Chris said hopes are high for a major release of the film around Valentine’s Day 2018.

“There is a place for the Catholic voice,” Chris told me, “just can’t quite be on the nose about it or people will tune out. As Catholics we are used to that. And we, of course, have the truth on our side anyway.”

Chris said now is a good time for release of “The Dating Project” because the entertainment industry is currently wide open. “Everyone has access,” he said. “It’s a little like the microbrew business. Good, little stories made professionally with a lot of heart and sweat. It’ll eventually sell but maybe won’t be quite like Anheuser Busch.”

On my asking Chris if he got his own trailer on “The Dating Project” shoot for rest between scenes, he laughed. “They did buy me a nice lunch though,” he said.

“Swiping Mr. Right” is Chris’ one-man show about a guy looking for the love of his life in what he calls on his website “the over connected, disconnected digital world of dating.”

The show has played theaters including The Santa Monica Playhouse and he hopes to bring it to San Francisco in time. www.christophermeehan.com.

See a trailer from “The Dating Project” at www.thedatingprojectmovie.com.


04 CDA Art Contest Winners PAGEYOUNG PALETTES, PENS: Congratulations to students from Novato’s Our Lady of Loretto School on their success at the state level in the art and essay contest brought to the school by the Catholic Daughters, Our Lady of the Miracle Court #1707 and open to fourth through eighth graders: Gabriella Tarantino, third place for art; Blythe Powaga, first place for art; Dylan Eshoff, first place for essay; Zoe Bauer, first place for photography. Pictured from left are: Catholic Daughters Bev Pierson and Paula Caldwell, Gabriella, Zoe, Dylan, Blythe, and principal Kathleen Kraft. (Courtesy photo)


CIAO: The Mass in Italian at San Francisco’s Immaculate Conception Church has moved but is not gone. A Mass in Italian will be celebrated on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. at St. Anthony Church, right across the street from the now closed Immaculate Conception. It is part of St. Anthony’s welcoming Immaculate Conception parishioners who have prayed the Mass in Italian for decades. janbonview@aol.com.

WEEKEND MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: Worldwide Marriage Encounter goes back to 1967 in the U.S. and can be a special time for couples away from all distractions. Sharing between spouses is private, and this is not a weekend to solve problems but one that helps couples in good marriages communicate even better. The weekend includes presentations made by the Presenting Team, three married couples and a priest. Each presentation builds on the last: Examining behaviors and attitudes, relationship with spouse and God. The next Marriage Encounter Weekend is Nov. 10-12 in San Jose. For more information visit sanjosewwme.org; Ken Claranne applications@sanjosewwme.org; (408) 782-1413.


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