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Local Daughters of St. Paul are praying for a miracle

20 Daughters of St. Paul PAGEPictured are the Daughters of St. Paul seeking help in the completion of their “Miracle on Middlefield”: Sister Domenica, Sister Bernardine, Sister Irene Mary, Sister Irene Robert, Sister Jennifer Tecla, Sister Danielle Victoria. (Courtesy photo)

December 14, 2017
Mary Sullivan

Since 1966, the Daughters of St. Paul have maintained a bookstore in the Bay Area where their ministry is evangelization through the media. Currently, Pauline Books & Media in Redwood City is the only Catholic bookstore in the Bay Area run by the order. Besides offering books, DVDs, CDs and religious items, the store is, says St. Paul Sister Domenica Vitello, “a place where customers may also receive a warm welcome, spiritual guidance, and enrich their relationship with Christ.”

This ministry is enhanced by a chapel, a book club, and a program for people who wish to become lay associates within the order. To extend their outreach beyond the bookstore, the sisters take turns on Sundays traveling in pairs to parishes where they mingle with parishioners while displaying faith-based material people can obtain for themselves and their families.

But now, the sisters are facing a big challenge.

Increasingly high rent on their bookstore, plus a hard-to-spot storefront, recently prompted the sisters to buy a large building on Middlefield Avenue in Menlo Park. The plan is to establish the bookstore and chapel on the ground floor, and utilize the second floor as a convent. They dubbed the purchase “Miracle on Middlefield,” but as self-supporting missionary sisters, they now require a second miracle. They need to raise $2 million dollars to renovate the building.

Recently, they established a Communication Team comprised of volunteers who are helping them reach their financial goal. To advertise the need for donations, the sisters have at the bookstore copies of a pamphlet describing their fundraising project, while a brief video is available at www.MiracleonMiddlefield.com. Donations may be made at this website, and are tax deductible.

Any donations made in memory of a person or organization will be included in a permanent memorial within the “Miracle on Middlefield” building. Meanwhile, the sisters continue their sacred ministry by sharing themselves and their media expertise to spread the good news of Christ’s love for all.

Mary Sullivan is a freelance writer who has written for publications including Catholic Digest and Liguorian magazine.

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