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by Tom Burke

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  • ‘Vincentians seek forgotten, suffering, deprived,’ retiring executive director says

    by Karessa McCartney | Jan 08, 2018

    04 SIreunion.jpeg PAGEREUNION: Members of St. Ignatius College Prep’s class of 1962, many pictured here, enjoyed a reunion Dec. 14 at Original Joe’s in North Beach with 51 classmates in attendance. “The yearly get-together was coordinated by classmate Bill Landtbom,” organizers said. Members of the class include Jesuit Father Ray Allender, pastor, St. Agnes Parish, San Francisco and Jesuit Father John P. Mossi, development director for the Jesuits Western Province. (Courtesy photo)

    January 11, 2018
    Tom Burke

    04 Lorraine Moriarty THUMBIn about a week, Lorraine Moriarty will leave her post as executive director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Mateo County, a job she’s held for well over 20 of her 29 years with SVdP.

    I have known Lorraine for about all of that time and it was a privilege to speak with her via email about what the experience has meant to her.

    “My most cherished moments with SVdP stretched me to grow in wholeness and holiness, and believe you me, there have been too many to recount,” she told me.

    Together with “wonderful and dedicated staff” Lorraine’s role has been “serving and supporting the Vincentians in personal growth in their Vincentian vocations, which includes spiritual growth, the building of fellowship within the society and serving as foot-washers, neighbors in need.”

    Lorraine has not let herself get too tied to her desk, though, and remains a disciple in the field: “I have also been blessed to encounter and accompany many who have reached out for services as well. Hands have been held, tears of joy and sorrow have been wiped away, screams for help have been listened to, crosses too heavy for one to carry have been lightened, hugs have been exchanged, bread has been blessed, broken and shared and the Spirit within has given me the deepest sense of awe and wonder about it all!”

    SVdP now almost 200 years at work remains current even in these times of change, Lorraine said. “Those values, which Pope Francis now so powerfully articulates as ‘encountering and accompanying Christ’ in all those we meet has shone a beacon of bright light ahead of us on the path, as current Vincentians have endeavored to seek and find the forgotten, suffering or deprived throughout all of San Mateo County, in our present day.”

    Until his death in 2002, Lorraine and her husband Deacon Paul Moriarty accompanied each other in their service to the poor.

    They and their daughter Kate came to the United States from New Zealand in 1977. “We lived in the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia,” Lorraine said. Their service included parish religious education posts and chaplaincy roles for the diocese at the Virginia State Penitentiary. “Paul was actually ordained to the permanent diaconate in the penitentiary,” Lorraine said.

    Next stop was the Archdiocese of San Francisco: “When Paul, Kate and I arrived, John Quinn, may he rest in peace, was the archbishop and he together with many of the ‘men of Menlo’ as well as the wonderful witness of the women religious of this archdiocese, the diaconate community and the laity, have truly impacted my life.”

    What’s next? I asked Lorraine. “I’m very open to discerning the Lord’s will as I transition into this next phase of my life. My version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ - not necessarily in that order - has some potential! Experiences with family and friends, here and there, should be more doable. I’m already in the processing phase for my volunteering Brown Card for San Quentin State Prison and I plan to keep my SVdP Restorative Justice Ministry going locally. Additionally, I am hoping to engage in some more formal formation in spirituality and social justice in the next few years - God willing.”


    04 StKev501.jpeg HALFTHANK YOU: Bernal Heights’ St. Kevin Parish remembered fondly two people whose place in St. Kevin’s history will be forever ensconced, the late Msgr. James O’Malley, pastor, 1967-1993, and now retired parish secretary, Marie Annuzzi, whose voice for 50 years was the first to greet all who found their way to St. Kevin’s. The Dec. 2 commemoration included Mass, a rededication of the parish O’Malley Hall and unveiling of portraits of Msgr. O’Malley and Marie painted by Vicki Victoria that will hang at the parish. “This is Marie,” a video shown at the dinner, had loving words from many about St. Kevin’s long chief caretaker. An evening-ending parishioners-prepared gourmet dinner was a treat for all. Pictured from left with portrait of late St. Kevin’s pastor, Msgr. James O’Malley are Father Pat Michaels, Father Dan Carter, artist Vicki Victoria, Divine Word Father Henry Noga, pastor, retired secretary and guest of honor, Marie Annuzzi, and retired Bishop William Justice. (Courtesy photo)


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