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Around the Archdiocese - St. Brendan Parish and School, San Francisco

Around the Archdiocese - St. Brendan Parish and School, San Francisco

by Karessa McCartney | 09 May, 2017
Lent was certainly a prep time for Easter but also a time for looking ahead at ways of serving others. In a note to Catholic San Francisco, principal, Carol Grewal, said a focus at St. Brendan has been global hunger. “Parishioners heard homilies, read bulletin articles, and attended soup suppers during Lent to learn more about the problem,” Grewal said. She said letters “to express their concerns” about global hunger were written by parishioners and students to congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier and “delivered by students of the school, along with the pastor, parish manager, and principal to staff from both offices.” Upper-grade students raised $500 to donate for overseas food deliveries, according to Grewal. In another activity, students were given tickets and were then offered the portion of a meal represented by the ticket. “So, one student might receive 40 percent of a meal while another child might receive 2 percent of the same meal,” Grewal said. “This taught the students about the amount of food that we consume in the U.S. when compared with other nations.” St. Brendan’s as a community is dedicated “to ending global hunger by 2030,” Grewal said. Pictured are Grewal, pastor Father Roger Gustafson, parishioners and students before delivery of letters on world hunger to local offices of congresswomen Jackie Speier and Nancy Pelosi. (Courtesy Photo)

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