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Around the Archdiocese - St. Brendan Parish, San Francisco

Around the Archdiocese - St. Brendan Parish, San Francisco

by Karessa McCartney | 09 May, 2017
Helpers for a “Personal Safety in the 21st Century” presentation April 26 included San Francisco police inspector Julie Lazar and Sgt. Marina Chacon with age-appropriate safety tips on being “aware of your surroundings” and “walking with confidence.” Inspector Lazar’s daughter, Grace, is a third grader at St. Brendan. The demonstration was for the fifth grade junior Girl Scout troop and, in addition to the SFPD instruction, included taekwondo self-defense moves from siblings and black belts Sloane Mullin, a St. Brendan fifth grader, and Stella Mullin, a seventh grader. “These are helpful self-defense moves that give the girls confidence in handling any situation,” the school said. “The troop was eager to try out these new self-defense moves.” (Courtesy photo)

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