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by Tom Burke

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  • ‘Truth centered in Christ,’ St. Tim’s young adult leader says

    by Karessa McCartney | Apr 19, 2017

    new 04 ConventStuart.jpegROOTS: A group of 21 faculty and staff from San Francisco’s Convent of the Sacred Heart and Stuart Hall schools traced the steps of the Religious of the Sacred Heart sisters in Cuba on a February trip to the country. “The goal was to have adults experience the trip first, and then design how it might serve an international student experience,” the schools said. For the sisters’ founder St. Philippine Duchesne “Cuba’s shores were the first land she saw in her pursuit to bring Sacred Heart education to the Americas,” the schools said. Pictured are the travelers.

    April 6, 2017
    Tom Burke

    new 04 Mark Trinidadnew 04 Stella TrinidadWhile I remember the good that youth ministry did for me as a teenager 50 years ago in Wildwood, New Jersey, I do not recall young adult ministry as having been available to me in the years subsequent to those. For young adults today that is not the case. I had the privilege to speak by email with one of the reasons why. Her name is Stella Trinidad and she is director of the young adult program at St. Timothy Parish in San Mateo. Shas been coordinating the young adult ministry for one year. Stella is a graduate of St. Tim’s, Notre Dame High School, Belmont and Santa Clara University. Her day job in the major gifts department for the Development Office of Stanford University.

    At St. Tim’s Stella works “to build relationships with young adults in and around the parish, design and host meetings and events specifically targeting young adults in the area.” Her focus is on “building a community of young adults positioned to lead the future of our church.”

    I asked Stella if anyone could join including men and women from parishes without young adult ministry. “Absolutely! It seems that many parishes have a small young adult presence in our immediate area. We feel like the best way to grow is to partner with other parishes and support and learn from each other.” Stella is a volunteer at St. Tim’s and chose to assist in young adult ministry “because the truth of our faith needs to be shared with others. Today’s culture is leading us down the wrong path. Too many people are getting caught up in the ‘anything goes’ and ‘tolerance’ culture. There is a truth which is centered in Christ.” Stella and her husband Mark, who gives her a hand at St. Tim’s, celebrate their 10th anniversary this month. I held my breath when I asked Stella how Catholic San Francisco could be a more useful tool for young adults. “I like that there is an electronic version of the paper,” she told me. “Maybe if there were some options for Rich Site Summary feeds to get articles straight into your email box for areas of interest. We probably could use more engagement in the young adult community to advertise events and happy hours, etc.” As we approach Holy Week Stella recommends “Rediscover Jesus” by Matthew Kelly.

    Stella can be reached at sttimsyam@sttims.us.

    new 04 Les McDCURTAIN CALL: A fond farewell to fellow chancery grunt Les McDonald who retired Feb. 1. Les has been in the saddle of the real estate division of the archdiocese since 1991. For 25 years before that he was a mainstay of the residential and commercial real estate world of San Francisco and the Peninsula. Les has seen much take place at church properties including sit-ins, shut-outs and much more. “It’s been a good ride,” said Les, who can never be found without a can of Diet Coke in his hand. He says the zero calorie drink is not just his favorite beverage but his “only beverage.” Les has drunk 150,000 cans of the bubbly brew while combing the acres of the archdiocese these 25 years, he told me. Not gone completely, Les is maintaining a presence in the real estate department as a consultant.

    new 04 George Lippi‘MAN OF THE YEAR’: More than 650 benefactors of the Salesian Boys’ and Girls’ Club as well as family, friends and well-wishers cheered on George Lippi March 11 at ceremonies honoring him as the boys and girls club’s Man of the Year at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Salesian Father John Itzaina, pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Church, gave the invocation, Frank Lavin, board president was evening emcee, and Randal De Martini, presented the award. George Granelli, a grandson of the honoree, “paid tribute to his grandfather’s generous spirit, unfaltering love for his family, and dedication to excellence,” the club said. George personally as well as through his business, Fugazi Travel, has been a supporter of the club for more than 50 years.

    Email items and electronic pictures – jpegs at no less than 300 dpi to burket@sfarchdiocese.org or mail to Street, One Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco 94109. Include a follow-up phone number. Street is toll-free. My phone number is (415) 614-5634.

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