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Riordan journalists invoke St. Francis de Sales, patron of scribes

March 9, 2017

Student staff of Archbishop Riordan High School’s newspaper The Crusader were recently presented with prayer cards remembering St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists. Father Cameron Faller, school chaplain blessed and presented the cards.

The paper has about 50 students on staff, Crusader adviser Susan Sutton told Catholic San Francisco. “Last year, our students won 15 awards, including a national first place winner for Environmental Writing in a contest sponsored by the National Federation of Press Women.” Sutton has been teaching and advising high school journalists for 16 years, three at Riordan, and has been awarded Certified Journalism Educator status by the Journalism Education Association.

“I graduated from Immaculate Conception Academy, where I was on The Megaphone staff for all four years, under the guidance of Dominican Sisters Mary Louis Seal and John Martin Fixa,” Sutton said.

“Early in the year, we began calling on St. Francis de Sales to help us overcome writer’s block, meet our deadlines, and report news in an ethical and efficient manner,” Sutton said. “We end our class prayer with: ‘St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.’ Calling upon the saints to help guide us in our daily lives is important because it gives us the strength and courage to persevere when tasks seem insurmountable. I wanted students to have a constant reminder that through faith and confidence, we can achieve success.” 

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