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Sacramental oils blessed at annual chrism Mass

new 03 ADSF2017_breath.Chrism Mass_HR-13Archbishop Cordileone blows on the oil after adding balsam to consecrate it as chrism. “It’s part of the prayers that he breathes over them. You’ll often see photos of the pope doing this,” said Laura Bertone, director of worship for the archdiocese. (Photos by Dennis Callahan/Catholic San Francisco)

April 13, 2017

The chrism Mass, where holy oils to be used throughout the Archdiocese of San Francisco for sacraments in the coming year are blessed by Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, was celebrated April 6 at St. Mary’s Cathedral. “In addition to the blessing of the oils priests renew their priestly promises to their bishop so it’s a good day to remember those promises they made on the day of their ordination and recommit themselves to service,” Laura Bertone, director of worship for the archdiocese, told Catholic San Francisco. More than 220 priests concelebrated the Mass, with more than 1,200 people including deacons, members of the orders of Malta, Holy Sepulcher, Columbus and St Francis, seminarians and laity among the assembly. The day leading up to the Mass includes a day of reflection for all clergy in the afternoon. After Mass there is dinner for priests, deacons and the deacons’ wives. Blessed during the Mass is chrism, a fragranced oil used during baptisms, confirmations and the ordinations of priests and bishops; oil of the sick used in the sacrament of the anointing of the sick; and oil of the catechumens used for infant baptisms and in some preparatory rites for catechumens as they approach baptism and initiation into the church.

new 03 ADSF2017_priests.Chrism Mass_HR-2More than 220 priests, here in procession, concelebrated the Mass.


new 03 ADSF2017_carrying.the.oils.Chrism Mass_HR-15Deacon Mario Zuniga, Deacon Bob Leathers and Deacon Nes Fernandez carry blessed oils from chrism Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral April 6.

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