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Climate change and Catholic thought

March 20, 2015
Stephen Firenze
San Mateo

Re “Religious leaders urge action to combat climate change,” Feb. 27:

Climate change is a fraud, but much worse than being a fraud it is a heresy. It places people at the service of nature, not nature at the service of man. It turns the Catholic view that people are not a burden but a blessing upside-down. The Catholic view is that people are not the problem but the solution.

And now we have some Catholic bishops pledging allegiance to those who are diametrically opposed to the Catholic worldview, men like George Soros and his ilk. Climate change is not about global warming but about people control, and making sure there are less of them.

When Lenin said the capitalists would gladly sell the rope that the communists would use to hang them with even he never dreamed how easy it would be to con some bishops into a pact with the devil.

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