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Man, church and climate change

March 27, 2015
Peter Mandell
San Francisco

Mr. Firenze’s comments about climate change – “much worse than being a fraud, it is heresy” (letters, March 20) defies reasonable logic and discussion. I would, however, like to know how he learns anything or develops any thought with his head buried so deep in the sand. His ideas remind me of Sen. James Inhofe (a major science denier) who brought a snowball onto the Senate floor to deny that climate change is even a reality. This from the chair of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology. God help us all.

Mr. Firenze seems to ignore that over 98 percent of credible scientists agree that climate change is real, and point to man as a major contributing factor. Yes, man is the solution, but man is also the problem. I fail to understand why such reality and scientific fact is heresy, or a threat to the church; but I know that Mr Firenze’s worldview, and his idea of church, are far more akin to fiddling while Rome burns than any moral high ground. 

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