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Witness to melting ice

March 27, 2015
Alex M. Saunders, MD
San Carlos

About “Climate change is a fraud”: I was not there but I do believe that it was colder during the last Ice Age than it is now. I was there, 60 years ago, standing on the Columbia Icefield (Canadian Rockies) on about 150 feet of ice. I returned last summer and stood in the same place, except that the ice has totally receded from that spot. Thus, I am personal witness that even in the short term the ice is melting and climate is warmer now. 22,000-year cycles of ice ages and warm periods are etched in the earth’s record for at least 200,000 years. Our human ancestors had adapted to, and survived at least three such cycles. What we do not exactly know is when it will naturally turn colder again, but it will happen in the next 2,000 years. We do know that the next ice age will be delayed because of human activity. Hence, we may survive, and adapt to the next cold cycle, but what follows may best compare to the flames of hell, even at the poles. We should praise our bishops for accepting the predictions of science and for having the long term view for survival of the human race.

Scripture tells us that we humans are masters of all we survey. Being masters gives us opportunity to do many beneficial things. Being masters also gives us responsibility to preserve our gifts from God. Ignoring our responsibility will bring the desert sands that surround the Holy Land to every part of the globe. Ignoring our responsibility is like putting our heads in those sands, even before they are formed.

The writer is a member of St. Charles Parish, San Carlos.

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