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Peculiar viewpoint

April 17, 2015
Kent Grealish
San Mateo

Your self-described “social justice and peace columnist” Tony Magliano has a peculiar viewpoint: Apparently peace and justice only flow in one direction – the politically correct one.

Last year he bullied military chaplains – apparently their unselfish ministry is an affront to his feelings that a strong military causes war. History suggests that weakness is actually what arouses hegemons but it’s hard to wise up a guy who fancies himself the arbiter of justice and peace.

His latest is the usual clichéd juxtaposition of Holy Days and Israel. But Tony’s riff isn’t as clever as those yuletide perennials which begin: “Today Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem would end at an Israeli checkpoint.”

Nowhere in 600-plus words about Israel’s misdeeds does Tony mention the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. He criticizes Israel’s blockade but knows it exists to stop the smuggling of rockets. He has pity for Palestinians queuing at checkpoints but no emotions for Israeli civilians killed by suicide bombers from Gaza – the reason for those checkpoints. He condemns the Israeli offensive into Gaza knowing the objective was to destroy weapons caches and rocket launchers (some concealed in hospitals) and to eliminate the tunnel system Hamas used for raids into Israel. He criticizes American foreign aid to Israel but ignores $400 million given to the Palestinian Authority (now partners with Hamas). He quotes the pope on a “two-state solution” but skips mentioning Hamas’ rejection of Israel’s right to exist.

Tony’s biases might be credible had not Israel, in a unilateral peace gesture, returned Gaza to the Palestinians only to see it become a base for raids and missile strikes into Israel.

When Catholic San Francisco contacts Tony to get his immediate reply, ask him: (a) What separates journalism from propaganda and (b) what about Israel’s rights to justice and peace?

The writer is a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Belmont.

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