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The greatness of being you

April 17, 2015
Father John Catoir

Most people never think of themselves as great, but if you think about it, you are quite extraordinary. For instance, from the beginning when you were very little, you won a race against a lot of contenders in the struggle to see who would reach your mother’s womb first.

What an amazing beginning! It shows you were great right from the start. Granted, everyone around can say the same thing, but enjoy the moment.

After that, you not only successfully managed to endure the trials of childhood with all its ups and downs, but you kept your spiritual balance right up to your teen years.

Then, you may have hit a wall of emotional upheavals with growing pains and authority issues – all of which began to cloud the horizon. You may have felt knocked down a peg and started to doubt yourself. This doubt may have left you feeling inferior and vulnerable.

But you were not to be denied. You fought your way back and entered the adult world with enthusiasm, perhaps a bit bruised, but buoyed nevertheless.

The scars of doubt were there, but they no longer overpowered you. Freed from this teenage angst, you gradually matured in your clarity and self-acceptance. As you grew in self-respect, you began to realize more and more what an extraordinary person you are.

This confidence and perseverance brought you to the place you are today. You have earned the badge of honor we call self-realization, or at least you’re close to it.

That’s why you must never doubt your worthiness. Doubt will only blind you to the truth that you are incredibly made and a miracle to behold. You must never say the cup is half-empty. No, no. You must say the cup is full and overflowing with grace and goodness.

Your faith will protect you from the mediocre thinkers and pessimistic naysayers who try to put down giants like yourself.

You are among the great ones because you know how to rejoice in the knowledge of God’s love. Your greatness is in the realm of the supernatural. It is not based on feelings.

Do not let your emotions tell you differently. You are a favored child of God. Feelings are not facts. Unchallenged feelings lead to sadness and doubt.

Be assured that your particular set of life skills are based on the revelations of Jesus Christ. He is the one who called you a child of God.

The best thing about reaching this glorious level of self-transcendence is that it gives you the right to say, along with our blessed Mother: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my savior.”

How great is that?

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