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Ad inadvisable

May 1, 2015
Tony Hall
San Francisco

On April 16, a full-page ad ran in the Chronicle asking the pope to replace Archbishop Cordileone. The ad complete with misleading information was engineered as part of an anti-Catholic campaign, and included the names of 112 people who signed as representing the Catholic community of San Francisco. It characterized the archbishop’s directive to educators and staff in Catholic high schools to adhere to a morality code suitable to a Catholic education as a prosecutorial, mean-spirited violation of individual consciences and California labor laws.

The real intent of those behind the ad is to further a movement to not only oust the archbishop, but to influence Catholic principles regarding sexuality and same-sex marriages.

As to the signers of the “ad,” their self-importance in assuming they know best for all of the 425,000 Bay Area Catholics is truly astonishing. If these people want a church designed around their own wishes, then there are alternative churches and religions that might better suit their needs. Some would be well advised to rethink their position at this time and not let their social status, or perceived influence deceive themselves into thinking they are more important to the entire Catholic community than they really are. Such influences may work in politics, but they do not define the true person of faith, or the Catholic Church. Ads like this only serve a different agenda.

The archbishop has accomplished much in a short time. He has restructured a troubled seminary, championed the rebirth of the pro-life movement, and is striving to make Catholicism more meaningful and relevant in today’s society.

As a practicing Catholic, these signers do not represent me or the vast majority of Bay Area Catholics willing to give the archbishop a break before they crucify him.

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