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Holy Week and the Chronicle ad

May 1, 2015
Robert Jimenez

Holy Week, the Easter triduum, and the wrenching memory of Jesus’ painful suffering and death, hardly forgotten some days ago, seemed too far behind us to resurface partially in the protests and posturing against our archbishop in mid-April. Self-described “Catholics” posed at the television cameras, demanding Pope Francis’ presence in San Francisco to oust Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone. And they placed a full-page ad in the city’s major newspaper, listing their names in objection to new guidelines for Catholic school teachers in the San Francisco archdiocese, as if they took as personal affront those rules that save our children from influence by morally unqualified adults hired to teach them.

In hearty contrast to that derogatory full-page spread, we can thank our own real, faith-driven Catholics for their half-page ad in Catholic San Francisco, stating in big, bold print: “San Mateo Pro-Life supports Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts to ensure Catholic schools uphold Catholic teaching.”

At one point in Good Friday services, we heard readings from voices shouting jeers and jibes at Jesus Christ as he dragged the cross before a taunting crowd. Their similarity to the protesting “Catholics” can’t escape us. Nor can we miss the significance of our archbishop’s name: Salvatore being the name for savior, for the salvation performed by Christ in his sacrifice; the middle name, Joseph, representing the humble carpenter who headed the Holy Family; and Cordileone, the heart of a lion. The name tells us who is Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, who has saved families from worrying about unholy ideas being forced on their children in school.

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