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Pornography on the supermarket shelves

May 15, 2015
Marta Rebagliati

This past April 22, a coalition that has brought together the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, doctors, activists and community leaders launched the “Cosmo Harms Minors” campaign seeking to “inform, expose and equip communities to take action and protect minors,” according to their National Press Club news conference release. Their nationwide survey results can be found here: www.EndSexualExploitation.org/wp-content/uploads/Cosmo-Harms-Minors_National-Survey-Results.pdf.

Spearheading the campaign is Victoria Hearst, founder and president of Praise Him Ministries in Colorado and granddaughter of the late media tycoon William Randolph Hearst whose multinational media group publishes Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) magazine. Appearing on “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Hearst claimed that Cosmopolitan’s content “fits the dictionary definition of pornography, fits the rational man definition of pornography,” besides infringing on obscenity laws and laws restricting material harmful to minors in almost all 50 states. The campaign’s goal is not to boycott the magazine nor put it out of business – but rather to have it classified as graphic, sexual and adult material to be sold exclusively to adults in wrappers or behind blinders away from the lollipop and candy rack by the checkout line in supermarkets.

Asked whether it was the parents’ job to keep children away from reading it Hearst replied, “Then why should Playboy be put in a wrapper and labeled adult material? You can say that about Penthouse and Hustler: Leave it up to the parents to decide whether their kid should buy that or not.’”

Dr. Alveda King, pastoral associate and director of African-American outreach for Priests for Life and also a part of the kickoff campaign, was interviewed by the Media Research Center and went a step further by stating that Cosmo magazine was not alone in this endeavor but blamed Planned Parenthood also for promoting hyper-sexuality among young girls and thus “lining the pockets of the abortion industry.” In 2014 Planned Parenthood honored Cosmopolitan and other “brilliant, fearless” journalists, activists and social media innovators with the 2014 Maggie Award Winners for Media Excellence.

This ostensibly systematic crusade against minors also caught the attention of the American Life League back in 2012 when the group released a shocking report on YouTube entitled “Hooking Kids on Sex II.” revealing Planned Parenthood’s push for community activities aimed at kids as young as 10 and up.

Planned Parenthood’s most widely distributed persuasion tool is a pamphlet available to everyone online called “It’s Perfectly Normal,” illustrated with graphic images and information about “puberty and sexual health for today’s kids and teenagers,” for which the book has also received many distinction awards. The American Life League tell-all video is still available on YouTube for all concerned parties with a warning to keep children away from it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7XR9yH2ETk.

Rebagliati is a member of Our Lady of Grace Parish, Castro Valley.

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