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A-bombs unnecessary to win

September 11, 2015
Richard Morasci
San Francisco

The United States can argue all it wants about the justification of dropping two atomic bombs on Japanese cities, which were packed with civilians, during World War II. However, in the age of the Internet, we can find out much more information than we ever could before.  For example, we can no longer deny that the Japanese were actually going through diplomatic channels at that time to seek an end to the war. They did not want to fight to the last man standing.  The one thing the Japanese wanted to preserve was the emperor, which was unacceptable to the U.S. and President Truman. It had to be an unconditional surrender.  (After the war, it turned out that the Japanese were able to retain their emperor after all.) And what do we make of this?  In 1946, The U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey concluded that Japan would have surrendered prior to Nov. 1, 1945, without the atomic bombs or the invasion of Japan.  That should put to rest the justification that the bombs saved the lives of countless American soldiers who would have died in the invasion.  Just because our enemies commit war crimes (Pearl Harbor, Nanking), this does not allow us to commit war crimes as well.

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