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Prelate’s remarks intolerant

October 22, 2015
Lenny Barretto
Daly City

The Hungarian Bishop Laszio Kiss-Rego seems paranoid and upset at the influx of Muslim refugees entering Europe. He disagrees with the appeal made by Pope Francis asking for compassionate and humanitarian treatment to the refugees, and he ignores Christs’ teaching to love thy neighbor.

The bishop and the Hungarian prime minister are arrogant and bigots and can hardly claim to be Christian, judging from their insular, selfish and uncharitable attitude in this humanitarian crisis.

The bishop portrays Islam and Muslims – and not unlike some European leaders who earlier did the Jews – as the enemy and a threat to Europe and out to colonize the continent. He feels threatened by the Muslims bringing in their faith – bearing an attitude the more devout a Muslim, the more likely he or she is a terrorist – unlike a devout Christian who is a saint or a holy person. He fails to realize they are not extremists but victims of it. The refugees from the Middle East are those running away from war which destroyed their homes and livelihood and are seeking shelter as they are in real danger of being killed. Many of those migrating are young and eager to work and come to a safer place to educate their children.

Little does the bishop realize in Europe’s own history, Islam has often been a more tolerant, civilizing force than the Christians, and that this century’s bloodiest wars, resulting in the death of millions of people – including World War I and World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Bosnia were neither instigated by nor perpetrated by Muslims. Why then single out Islam and Muslims as a threat to Europe?

The path toward tolerance and understanding can only be taken with fairness and sincere desire for the truth.

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