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Pope Francis a quisling?

December 10, 2015
Father William Brown, Pastor,
St. Hilary Parish, Tiburon

In his Dec. 3 letter Mr. Ed Binetti declares that the Holy Father is “not a scientist” but rather a “gullible quisling” – all because of Pope Francis’ efforts to deal with global warming and other environmental problems.

First, it seems highly inappropriate for Mr. Binetti to call the Vicar of Christ a “quisling” (synonyms: apostate, backstabber, betrayer, double-crosser, double-dealer, Judas, traitor, recreant, serpent, snake, turncoat).

Second, it puzzles me that Mr. Binetti goes on to say: “The contradiction that a pope believes man can affect what God has created might result in a profound decrease in the collection basket.” Of course man has an impact on what God has created: We call this sin when the impact is negative. We disobey the commandments, we take life, we pollute drinking water, we damage the fabric of society by not supporting healthy family life. All of these things do indeed come from God, but we are made stewards of them by God, for better or worse.

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