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Church should step in on President Trump

February 9, 2017
Richard Morasci
San Francisco

I read your article, “Trump presidency receives words of hope, prayers for civility,” (Jan. 26) and I thought, “Isn’t it too late?” During his campaign, Trump made it very clear to anyone who was willing to listen how he treated people and what his policies would be. Here is my question: Where was the church during the election when it was very clear how uncivil Trump was? I understand that there is a separation between church and state in this country, but where was the guidance that the Catholic Church could have provided?

When it was clear after Trump insulted Mexican immigrants, a disabled journalist, a Gold Star family, Sen. John McCain, Muslims, women, and the list goes on and on, couldn’t the church have compared the two candidates side-by-side in regard to their behavior without endorsing a candidate? When Trump brought out the worst in his supporters by inciting violence against hecklers at his rallies, where was the church?

Ah! But abortion was on the table this time. I got the feeling that the church was willing to put up with anything Trump was willing to throw at the nation as long as he was firmly against abortion. Was the church blinded by the fact that its one most important issue would be addressed by Trump? In doing so, it gave up its leadership role when there were so many other more pressing concerns. So yes, abortion may be more restricted under Trump, but just yesterday the doomsday clock was reset to 2.5 minutes to midnight. This is the closest time since 1953. Nice work!

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