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Article omitted significant facts

February 23, 2017
Jim Dempsey
Redwood City

Re ‘Presidential travel ban prompts Catholic outrage,’ Feb. 9:

There are three significant facts omitted from the article:

1. 193-plus other nations continue to send immigrants and refugees to this country and we welcome them.

2. The implication that this discriminates against Muslims ignores the fact that 85 percent of Muslims live in the other 193-plus countries and continue to be welcome in the U.S.

3. Dominican Sister Donna Markham of Catholic Charities said in part, “While I certainly appreciate the importance of vetting to ensure the safety of our country. ...” That’s the point of this action. President Obama identified these seven countries as being the most likely to include terrorists among the innocent seeking refugee status. This action doesn’t prevent immigration; it delays it so that procedures can be put in place to separate legitimate refugees from those intent on doing us harm.

Editor’s note: The complete sentence containing the above excerpt from Dominican Sister Donna Markham in the Feb. 9 article is, “While I certainly appreciate the importance of vetting to ensure the safety of our country, I also believe we must treat those who are most vulnerable with compassion and mercy and with hearts willing to be opened wide in the face of dire human need.”

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