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Bravo to liturgy ‘brilliant every time’

December 7, 2017
Charles Leyes
San Francisco

Maybe you have special appreciation for certain articles that appear in your paper. I found one yesterday. On Page 2 (Nov. 19), the title was “Faith formation speaker: Make Mass something children love.” Wow, what a thought. As Father McGuire says, “it should be brilliant every time.” He goes on to say “it should be brilliant every single time ... there should be music, there should be preaching as if tomorrow is the last day ... What makes great liturgy? Great hymns, great homilies, great hospitality.”

It seems so obvious to me. Why should this be news? But great liturgy is not what we usually get. Very often when I go to other parishes, what I often find is a kind of cocktail lounge music. Not the words, of course, but the melody and atmosphere of it. Very often the homilies are nothing but clichés, the kind of wording we have heard for years. The volunteers who assist on the altar seem to have no training and bumble through, which makes the liturgy seem like playing around rather than feeling sacred. While I am against going back in time like those who want to return to pre-Vatican II and restore Latin and the priest with his back to the congregation, they at least prepare, train and display a sense of the “divine” liturgy.

But enough complaining. The article was great and I’m so happy you printed it. These are the kinds of news stories we need to uplift us.

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