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Father Ron Rolheiser


  • The positive side of melancholy

    Normally none of us like feeling sad, heavy, or depressed. Generally we prefer sunshine to darkness, lightheartedness to melancholy.
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  • God inside our divisions

    Christian de Cherge, the Trappist abbott who was martyred in Algeria in 1996, was fond of sharing this story: He had a very close Muslim friend, Mohammed, and the two of them used to pray together, even as they remained aware of their differences, as Muslim and Christian.
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  • The importance of the interior and private

    We can never be challenged too strongly with regard to being committed to social justice. A key, nonnegotiable, summons that comes from Jesus himself is precisely the challenge to reach out to the poor, to the excluded, to those whom society deems expendable.
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  • Understanding our differences

    It’s common for us to see God’s grace and blessing in what unites us. We naturally sense the presence of grace when, at our core, we feel a strong moral bond with certain other persons, churches, and faiths. That, biblically, is what defines family.
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  • Struggling with grandiosity

    We live in a world wherein most everything overstimulates our grandiosity, even as we are handed fewer tools to deal with that.
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  • The Struggle to Love Our Neighbor

    “The most damaging idolatry is not the golden calf but enmity against the other.” The renowned anthropologist, Rene Girard, wrote that and its truth is not easily admitted.
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