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Letters from Readers

  • Pot is fair crop

    With regard to San Mateo approving cannabis farming, concern was expressed regarding becoming the “Napa Valley of pot.” I am not sure what the problem is with being regarded as the home of product that is known worldwide for its superior qualities.
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  • Temptation and the Lord’s Prayer

    The Holy Father’s comments in response to a question about a line in the Lord’s Prayer have gotten much attention and perhaps left some confusion.
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  • A simple change

    With reference to Pope Francis’ idea for more focusing the Lord’s Prayer, my preference would be: “… and lead us away from temptation and deliver us from evil,” a simple change.
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  • Paul VI and marital reality

    It may be helpful to consider the following points for a more comprehensive discussion. First, the church does a disservice to Catholic husbands when it asserts that the use of artificial contraception will lead to the objectification of wives.
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  • Bravo to liturgy ‘brilliant every time’

    Maybe you have special appreciation for certain articles that appear in your paper. I found one yesterday. On Page 2 (Nov. 19), the title was “Faith formation speaker: Make Mass something children love.”
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  • Parish cannabis protest

    One wonders if these groups against marijuana stores are also ready to protest/organize against alcohol or cigarette stores in their neighborhoods also. I assume their siren songs are just as strong and of concern.
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  • A God greater than our need to define him

    Perhaps we are all in agreement that it is difficult to follow Jesus.
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  • Confusion? What confusion?

    Speak for yourself, father. I, for one, am relieved, and gratified. It is not a stretch to also suggest I’m hardly alone in my relief and gratitude.
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  • School’s ‘desacralization’

    This is the desacralization of a formerly Catholic school, the opposite of any ministry of any Catholic, let alone a religious order. All in the name of political correctness so as not to offend anyone.
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  • St. Catherine’s papal correction

    Father Catoir appears to take offense at recent criticisms of Pope Francis, citing the now-popular, but quoted out of context, statement of Francis: “Who am I to judge?”
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  • Catholic Radio nourishes the faith

    In support of Catholic Radio, I can speak for myself and have heard from many others that listening to Catholic Radio has helped us learn much about the Catholic faith including what the Catholic Church actually teaches, how to examine these teachings and how to defend these teachings.
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  • ‘Early Days’ and California history

    There are two issues here as I see it. On the one hand, there is the history of the Spanish missions in California. For anyone who went to a Catholic school in the 1950s, that history was seen through rose-colored glasses.
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  • Marriage in San Francisco

    How upsetting to read in “Culture Project brings virtue into the center for Catholic dating – and life” (Oct. 19) that one woman got this advice from a priest:
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  • George Weigel and papal memory

    Here is a suggestion to George Weigel. Why not leave the memory of John Paul II be as a saint and forget his mistakes?
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  • Radio commentary disappoints

    When I read the title of the article on Catholic Radio, “Catholic Radio helps listeners ‘feel at home in arms of God,’ EWTN host says,” (“On the Street Where You Live,” Oct. 12), I was confused.
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  • Eliminating automatic weapons

    Here is a perspective on mass shootings.
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  • Pray to Mary in trying times

    Perhaps I am in the minority but I did not feel Catholic San Francisco did a “hatchet job” on Sen. (Dianne) Feinstein (“Defending Sen. Feinstein,” Letters, Sept. 28).
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  • Renewing devotion to Mary

    I very much appreciated the Aug. 17 CSF article about Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Archbishop Jose Gomez’ comments that “At Guadalupe, the Mother of God came to be the Mother of the Americas.”
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  • Dolan’s blast misdirected

    Cardinal Dolan’s remarks in New Orleans to over 400 priests were a tragic revelation of an intellectual deflection and a spiritual vacuum. How could such an educated guy miss the boat so badly?
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  • Catholic identity and San Domenico School

    It is with great sadness but little surprise that I read about the removal of sacred statues from the San Domenico campus. Forces to shed the school’s Catholic identity were already encroaching more than two decades ago when our first-born started her 14-year stint as an SD student.
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