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Letters from Readers

  • Caring for the homeless

    Have you ever been homeless? Putting up sprinklers that directly get the homeless wet is not caring for one another.
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  • Laity and the catechism

    I recently submitted an essay entitled “What’s a Catholic to Do,” which concluded: Look to the Catechism of the Catholic Church for church doctrine to guide your behavior with today’ complex issues. But you, sir, “tend to demur on catechism commentary by the laity.”
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  • Correcting the record

    I’m the director of communications for Defense One. I just wanted to make one small correction to Tony Magliano’s reply to “US strategy against ISIS” in your letters section (March 20).
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  • Employee contracts and the HHS mandate

    With regard to the controversial moral language that has been added to the San Francisco archdiocesan school teachers contracts it should be kept in mind that most American Catholic bishops are implementing similar morality clauses in their diocesan employee contracts.
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  • Limits of pacifism

    In response to Tony Magliano’s March 6 column “Beating swords into plowshares,” I often wonder if Mr. Magliano is living on the same planet as the rest of us.
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  • Man, church and climate change

    Mr. Firenze’s comments about climate change – “much worse than being a fraud, it is heresy” (letters, March 20) defies reasonable logic and discussion.
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  • Witness to melting ice

    About “Climate change is a fraud”: I was not there but I do believe that it was colder during the last Ice Age than it is now. I was there, 60 years ago, standing on the Columbia Icefield (Canadian Rockies) on about 150 feet of ice.
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  • Teaching in a diocesan school is a privilege

    I write to you as a parent of a past and present student in the San Francisco archdiocesan schools, as a Catholic, and as an individual.
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  • Transmitting the faith

    As a teacher of long experience in this archdiocese I rejoice that we have an archbishop willing to confront the problems of the proper teaching of Catholic doctrine, which cannot exclude the genuine witness of those of us entrusted to teach it.
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  • Defiance leads away from Christ

    Like so many readers of Catholic San Francisco I was saddened but not surprised by the clamor of voices attacking our archbishop for doing exactly what a bishop is called to do: Teach and defend the Catholic faith and protect his flock from the tentacles of the evil one.
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  • God’s laws have not changed

    While students at King’s College London have taken the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, to task for speaking out against same-sex marriage, San Francisco is now up in arms that its archbishop is defending church teaching in its four Catholic high schools.
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  • Supporting church teaching

    I completely support the archbishop’s statement regarding teachers and other staff at Catholic schools. Why would parents enroll their children in Catholic schools if they do not support the teachings of the church?
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  • Shining a bright light

    The leadership of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone shined a bright light on controversial yet traditional beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.
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  • Moral hazards of physician-assisted suicide

    “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life ...” (Deuteronomy 30).
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  • US strategy against ISIS

    In Tony Magliano’s article opposing any military action by the U.S. against ISIS (“Beating swords into plowshares,” March 6), he misquotes President Obama. According to Magliano, Obama is asking Congress to approve “enduring offensive ground combat operations” for “at least three years.”
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  • Climate change and Catholic thought

    Climate change is a fraud, but much worse than being a fraud it is a heresy. It places people at the service of nature, not nature at the service of man. It turns the Catholic view that people are not a burden but a blessing upside-down.
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  • Environmental, moral crises related

    In reading this article I was reminded of questions I’ve had over the years about why so many people are poor and can’t dig themselves out of the pit of poverty, particularly in Mexico.
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  • Blessings to Mercy Sisters

    Fifty-one years ago when I was a newly arrived college seminarian at St Joseph’s College, our beloved professor and music director, Father John Olivier, taught us something recently composed by Mercy Sister Suzanne Toolan, “The Mission Hymn.”
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  • A true shepherd

    Hooray for Archbishop Cordileone! He is a true shepherd. He has insisted that our Catholic schools transmit the Catholic faith, the whole faith, and nothing opposing the faith. And multitudes of faithful Catholics are cheering him for this.
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  • Virtuous leaders

    I have read the archbishop’s recent statement on the church’s teachings and can only say that we are blessed that there still virtuous leaders in the Catholic Church willing to stand against the dark and immoral influences in our society and remain faithful to the church’s moral teachings.
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