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  • Papal politics and climate change

    Pope Francis is quoted saying, “A very solid scientific consensus indicates we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system.” The trouble with this statement is science does not operate on consensus.
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  • No excuses on sex abuse

    I have not seen the movie “Spotlight” yet. Since it is a Hollywood movie, I would expect that it got some things right and some things wrong. Mr. Clifford (Letters, Nov. 12) seems to be taking another stance when he blames the media during the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal.
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  • God’s faithfulness stays through all our missteps

    It is rare to hear anything from Baruch’s short six chapters, but for this Sunday’s readings we get an interesting excerpt.
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  • Origin of our Thanksgiving Day

    St. Paul urged us to give thanks to God always. Our forebears and our founding fathers, active Christians, often followed this sage counsel. And eventually our national day of Thanksgiving evolved.
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  • Faith, doubt, dark nights and maturity

    In one of his books on contemplative prayer, Thomas Keating shares a line he occasionally uses in spiritual direction.
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  • California bishops must oppose death penalty

    Yesterday (Nov. 12) the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a legal challenge to the death penalty. Now, the bishops of the California Catholic Conference need to do three actions to support a culture of life:
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  • Foudy family remembrance

    On Nov. 7 Bishop William Justice was principal celebrant of a funeral Mass for Mary Foudy at St. Gabriel Church in San Francisco. Bishop Ignatius Wang and Bishop Daniel Walsh, along with priests of the archdiocese, were present to attest to the remarkable life of not only of Mary but of her late beloved brothers, Msgr. John Foudy and Father Denis Foudy.
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  • Eye-opening experience at Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigrant Services

    The teenage boy sitting across the table from me at Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigrant Services office in San Mateo talked calmly about his chilling experience fleeing gang violence in his home country of Honduras and strapping himself by his belt to the top of a train to escape through Mexico.
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  • The grittiness of Christian faith

    JERUSALEM – Walking through the narrow, winding streets of Jerusalem’s Old City on my first visit here in 15 years, I was powerfully struck once again by the grittiness of Christianity, the palpable connection between the faith and the quotidian realities of life.
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  • Called to serve the king

    On this last Sunday of the church’s liturgical year, we focus our attention on Jesus as the king of the universe. What a divine irony there was on Calvary when the cross became his instrument of victory, and a condemned thief was the first to be assured of a place in his kingdom.
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  • Searching for peace with help from a sage

    It is the book that somehow surfaces when you need it most – manna for the multitasker, solace for the stressed.
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  • Movie sure to get story wrong

    Remember that you heard it here first: A new movie about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is sure to get the story wrong.
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  • The mystery of male-female complementarity

    James Parker came out at age 17 and later entered into a relationship with another man.
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  • The communion of saints

    At any given time, most of the world believes that death isn’t final. Most people believe that those who have died still exist in some state however that might be conceived.
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  • Choosing wisely or foolishly at global climate conference

    “A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system,” warns Pope Francis.
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  • His people, living and dead, will be victorious

    Years ago a popular bumper sticker read: “Stop the world! I want to get off!” It reflected the frustration, anger, and helplessness at the insanity in the world. Aren’t we too at times exasperated by the world and national events?
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  • Religion, secular thought, and health and happiness

    There is no such a thing as pure objectivity, a view that is free of all bias.
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  • Annulments: What is really changing?: The abbreviated process

    On Sept. 8, 2015, Pope Francis issued “Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus” (“The Lord Jesus, Gentle Judge,”) a document revising the marriage nullity process. The mass media, including even some Catholic news outlets, have reported a great deal of misinformation about the changes. In question-and-answer format over the next few weeks, I would like to reflect on various aspects of this new “motu proprio” responding to some logical questions which have been raised since publication.
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  • Hungarians’ wounded memories

    Here is a comment on Lenny Barretto’s letter (“Prelate’s remarks intolerant,” Oct. 22). He asks, “Why then single out Islam and Muslims as a threat to Europe?”
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  • Passing God by

    On a family trip to Las Vegas this summer, I observed something that moved me.
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