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  • Books for Christmas

    It’s been a good reading year and I highly recommend the following to the readers on your Christmas (not “holiday”) shopping list:
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  • Physician-assisted suicide prevention

    Much has happened on the assisted-suicide front. The California legislature went into an extraordinary session on health care and emerged with a bill legalizing physician assisted suicide.
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  • Pope Francis a quisling?

    In his Dec. 3 letter Mr. Ed Binetti declares that the Holy Father is “not a scientist” but rather a “gullible quisling” – all because of Pope Francis’ efforts to deal with global warming and other environmental problems.
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  • Misleading portrait

    Ed Binetti spreads the misleading portrait of Pope Francis by climate change deniers who do not want to listen to the Pope’s authoritative moral voice in the encyclical “Laudato Si” by giving misinformation about Pope Francis by saying “Francis is not a scientist.
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  • Marriage is a divine gift

    Marriage is in decline and fewer couples are marching to the altar while unmarried cohabitation is on the rise.
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  • Give yourself the gift of time

    People who care for loved ones with frail health typically have a multitude of responsibilities: Shopping, running errands, paying bills among them. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone spend time with other important people in their life and tend to their own needs.
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  • St. Joseph in perspective

    During the Advent and Christmas seasons, St. Joseph holds a prominent place in the liturgical and historical celebrations.
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  • The best Christmas gift you’ll ever receive

    “If I knew things would no longer be, I would have tried to remember better.” That’s a line from the 1990 movie “Avalon,” which comes to mind every Christmas season because it’s a time of year that prompts me to reflect on the past and the best gift I ever received.
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  • Sensitive to community, beyond ourselves

    Some years ago I was challenged by a bishop regarding an article I’d written. We were talking in his office and the tone eventually got a little testy: “How can you write something like that?” he asked.
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  • Rejoice: He is near

    This Sunday is “Gaudete Sunday” (“Rejoice”), so named from the first word of the Introit (Entrance Chant) for the Mass for the Third Sunday of Advent, which is taken from St. Paul’s command proclaimed in our Second Reading to the Philippians and to us: “Rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again: Rejoice!
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  • Understanding Mary’s Immaculate Conception

    At the beginning of the liturgical year we honor the immaculately conceived Virgin Mary. The solemnity of Mary’s Immaculate Conception is celebrated on Dec. 8, and honors the conception of Mary in the womb of her mother, St. Anne, without original sin.
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  • Our Muslim brothers and sisters

    This is not a good time to be a Muslim in the Western world. As the violence perpetrated by radical Islamic groups such as ISIS, al-Qaida and Boko Haram becomes more and more prevalent, huge numbers of people are becoming paranoid about and even openly hostile toward the Islam religion, seeing all Muslims as a threat.
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  • No one should have no one at Christmas

    Each year British retailer John Lewis creates a seasonal buzz with its creative, emotionally charged Christmas advertisements.
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  • The saint who became Santa Claus

    You probably know that there’s a real-life “Jolly Old St. Nick” in our background, and that he’s got a feast day in the church (Dec. 6) along with the rest of the saints. The odds are, though, that you don’t know that much more about St. Nicholas.
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  • Papal politics and climate change

    Pope Francis is quoted saying, “A very solid scientific consensus indicates we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system.” The trouble with this statement is science does not operate on consensus.
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  • No excuses on sex abuse

    I have not seen the movie “Spotlight” yet. Since it is a Hollywood movie, I would expect that it got some things right and some things wrong. Mr. Clifford (Letters, Nov. 12) seems to be taking another stance when he blames the media during the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal.
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  • God’s faithfulness stays through all our missteps

    It is rare to hear anything from Baruch’s short six chapters, but for this Sunday’s readings we get an interesting excerpt.
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  • Origin of our Thanksgiving Day

    St. Paul urged us to give thanks to God always. Our forebears and our founding fathers, active Christians, often followed this sage counsel. And eventually our national day of Thanksgiving evolved.
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  • Faith, doubt, dark nights and maturity

    In one of his books on contemplative prayer, Thomas Keating shares a line he occasionally uses in spiritual direction.
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  • California bishops must oppose death penalty

    Yesterday (Nov. 12) the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a legal challenge to the death penalty. Now, the bishops of the California Catholic Conference need to do three actions to support a culture of life:
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