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  • A meditation on ‘Maranatha’

    Happy (real) new year: the beginning of a new year of grace, which began December 3 with the First Sunday of Advent.
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  • Playing loose with the truth

    It can be quite disheartening to watch the news these days. Our world is full of hatred, bigotry, racism and over-stimulated greed and ego. The gap between the rich and poor is widening and random, senseless violence is an everyday occurrence. One lives with hope, but without much optimism.
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  • Bravo to liturgy ‘brilliant every time’

    Maybe you have special appreciation for certain articles that appear in your paper. I found one yesterday. On Page 2 (Nov. 19), the title was “Faith formation speaker: Make Mass something children love.”
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  • Parish cannabis protest

    One wonders if these groups against marijuana stores are also ready to protest/organize against alcohol or cigarette stores in their neighborhoods also. I assume their siren songs are just as strong and of concern.
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  • A God greater than our need to define him

    Perhaps we are all in agreement that it is difficult to follow Jesus.
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  • Confusion? What confusion?

    Speak for yourself, father. I, for one, am relieved, and gratified. It is not a stretch to also suggest I’m hardly alone in my relief and gratitude.
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  • School’s ‘desacralization’

    This is the desacralization of a formerly Catholic school, the opposite of any ministry of any Catholic, let alone a religious order. All in the name of political correctness so as not to offend anyone.
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  • Join the revolution of tenderness

    TED is a media organization that posts online talks under the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” Earlier this year Pope Francis surprised the world by digitally giving his own TED Talk at the organization’s annual conference in Vancouver. In his nearly 20 minute talk, our Holy Father challenged his listeners to ignite a much-needed revolution of tenderness in our world.
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  • Advent’s call to wait in joyful hope

    The holiday season is upon us once again! That means we’ll soon be buying gifts, decorating the tree, and maybe attending a Christmas party or two.
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  • Celebrating World Fisheries Day

    It seems like yesterday that World Fisheries day was established in New Delhi, India. It seems like yesterday that I shared the excitement with fishermen from around the world in forming our organization – The World Forum of Fish Workers and Fish Harvesters.
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  • Handling the holidays when you’re hurting

    Many people are filled with joyful anticipation and festive good cheer at this time of the year. But some are filled with anxiety and dread, and wish to get the holidays over with as quickly as possible.
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  • Destroying my freedom – in the name of freedom?

    In an August 2015 column in The Washington Post, George F. Will argued in favor of physician-assisted suicide, summing up his perspective this way: “There is nobility in … affirming at the end the distinctive human dignity of autonomous choice.”
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  • Paul VI, prophet

    This coming July, we will mark the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s deeply controversial encyclical letter “Humanae Vitae.”
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  • What kind of King do you believe in?

    What kind of King do you believe in? Do you sometimes believe that Jesus is a thief who is in the business of stealing things from you and asking you to give things up? That he is always asking you to suffer and sacrifice? That he is depriving you of things you need or deserve to have and enjoy? That he’s all about making your life miserable, hard, and dull?
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  • Making the most of our gifts

    Meditation on the Last Things is the spirituality of the Church’s Liturgy in the month of November. In the liturgical year’s final month, we are confronted by the sometimes-stark reality of the Last Things: That we will die one day, that this death will be followed by our particular judgment by Jesus Christ, and that each human person will be forever be either in heaven or in hell.
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  • Paralysis, exasperation and helplessness as prayer

    Several years ago I received an email that literally stopped my breath. A man who had been for many years an intellectual and faith mentor to me, a man whom I thoroughly trusted, and a man with whom I had developed a life-giving friendship, had killed both his wife and himself in a murder-suicide.
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  • As the Bard might say….

    Four centuries after his death, Shakespeare remains a peerless playwright because of his remarkable insight into the human condition.
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  • St. Catherine’s papal correction

    Father Catoir appears to take offense at recent criticisms of Pope Francis, citing the now-popular, but quoted out of context, statement of Francis: “Who am I to judge?”
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  • Catholic Radio nourishes the faith

    In support of Catholic Radio, I can speak for myself and have heard from many others that listening to Catholic Radio has helped us learn much about the Catholic faith including what the Catholic Church actually teaches, how to examine these teachings and how to defend these teachings.
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  • Keep peace during holiday gatherings

    The holiday season is a hectic time for many people, due to the preparations and festivities that typically take place. Staying sane, not to mention enjoying this time of the year, is even more of a challenge for those who don’t get along well with their extended family.
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