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  • The greatness of being you

    Most people never think of themselves as great, but if you think about it, you are quite extraordinary.
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  • Supporting doctrinal integrity

    I just want to tell you that I am profoundly supportive of the archbishop’s (very brave) stance in the matter of the teacher contracts in Catholic schools, which has recently stirred up the press.
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  • Augustine, teachers and freedom

    Can a fourth-century bishop clarify the conflict over standards of conduct for high school teachers?
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  • Opposition proves need for action

    The large volume of the opposition to Archbishop Cordileone’s removing of ambiguities in our Catholic high school policies by teachers and students clearly proves the desperate need for his actions.
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  • Peculiar viewpoint

    Your self-described “social justice and peace columnist” Tony Magliano has a peculiar viewpoint: Apparently peace and justice only flow in one direction – the politically correct one.
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  • Peace in the Holy Land

    Tony Magliano’s April 3 opinion piece “Unholy political positions in the Holy Land” was nothing more than a misinformed propaganda piece.
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  • Long shadow of physician-assisted death

    Senate Bill 128 pending in Sacramento would permit governmental physician-assisted suicide.
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  • Principles for interfaith dialogue

    We live inside a world and inside religions that are too given to disrespect and violence.
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  • Stigma of mental illness

    Psychotic outbursts are not unfamiliar in many of our inner-city churches by people with mental illness. In Psalms 34:18 we read, “The righteous cry out, the Lord hears and he rescues them from all their afflictions.”
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  • Christ’s revolutionary message

    Often I am stuck thinking that in order to meet God I must set out on the road. Instead, I am shocked to find he’s coming to meet me. But like Aslan, he is not a tame lion. He often walks through walls, minds and hearts to reach me where I am.
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  • Easter and evangelism

    Galatians 1:15-18 is not your basic witness-to-the-Resurrection text. Yet St. Paul’s mini-spiritual autobiography helps us understand just how radically the experience of the Risen Lord changed the first disciples’ religious worldview, and why an evangelical imperative was built into that experience.
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  • Where to find resurrection

    Something there is that needs a crucifixion. Everything that’s good eventually gets scapegoated and crucified. How?
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  • Moving closer to God in ordinary ways

    The kingdom of God is within you. We’ve all heard this truth, but few fully understand it. When I sign my letters, I often write, “May the Lord be your strength and your joy.”
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  • Pay it forward

    “Pay It Forward,” a movie which came out several years ago, tells the story of a seventh grader who receives the unusual assignment to go out and change the world.
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  • The sanctuary of St. Boniface as the tabernacle of the suffering Christ

    In ancient times, the tabernacle was the tent that housed the divine presence among the Israelites; today the word is used to describe the container that holds the reserved consecrated Eucharist in church.
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  • Easter message of hope

    What the world needs now is hope. There is evil all around us. The Islamic State, and other terrorists, have no regard for human life. Wars and other forms of violence abound. Innocent people are killed.
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  • Remembering Bishop O’Dowd

    In the March 20 issue of Catholic San Francisco there appeared an enlightening article on the ordinaries/bishops who were natives of the San Francisco archdiocese.
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  • Consider both sides

    I read a lot of one-sided statements in Catholic San Francisco about the controversy over our archbishop’s recent speech to Catholic high school teachers. Both sides need to be considered.
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  • Perennial pro-life witness

    I have walked nine of the 11 years of the West Coast Walk for Life, including Jan. 22, 2015.
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  • Catholics and climate

    Very little research on the part of the writer of this letter would have revealed that (1) George Soros is not a Catholic but an atheist and (2) not only are Catholic bishops pro-climate change but so is the pope.
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