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  • Sex in accord with reason

    An article published in 2012 in The Atlantic described the sexual practices of the Aka and Ngandu people who live in the tropical forests of central Africa.
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  • Peter Claver vs. Immanuel Kant

    One of the greatest heroes of the social justice wing of the church is, quite rightly, the 17th-century “slave of the slaves,” St. Peter Claver. Born in Barcelona, Claver joined the Society of Jesus and was known, even as a young man, as a person of deep intelligence and piety.
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  • Hurricane Harvey and the kayaking priest

    Hurricane Harvey stranded Father David Bergeron in his pick-up the night it ripped through Houston. The 38-year-old priest had been visiting his brother and had to pull over on an overpass three miles from his home in the flood-ravaged southeast side.
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  • Achievement vs. fruitfulness

    There’s a real difference between our achievements and our fruitfulness, between our successes and the actual good that we bring into the world.
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  • La Madonna del Lume: Our Most Holy Mother of Light

    Since a very young age, I have been blessed to be a part of the beautiful tradition of celebrating La Madonna del Lume, Our Most Holy Mother of Light, each year in San Francisco.
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  • Hate speech and the First Amendment

    During the aftermath of the Virginia tragedy my Catholic Church was quick to flood the airwaves with unequivocal condemnations of haters and hateful rhetoric.
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  • Removal of Catholic statues

    Am I to believe that certain Catholic school administrators in our archdiocese (or anywhere for that matter) are being allowed to remove Catholic statues and symbols of our faith at the school(s) they are in charge of because they believe the memorials will be offensive to non-Catholics attending their schools?
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  • Scripture reflection: Ongoing forgiveness

    In the first reading, a wise teacher encourages us to be merciful, when we forgive, we reflect the gracious love and merciful character of God.
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  • What’s next for US-Vatican relations in a post-American world?

    The ecclesial gap between the pope and the United States is going to be as persistent as the geopolitical one – perhaps even more. There is a clear and undeniable rift between the Vatican and the Trump administration on a long series of issues.
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  • Speaker Ryan invites a social doctrine conversation

    CNN is not the customary locale-of-choice for a catechesis on Catholic social doctrine. But that’s what Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, offered viewers of a CNN national town hall meeting on the evening of Aug. 21.
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  • The power of ritual

    I don’t always find it easy to pray. Often I’m overtired, distracted, caught up in tasks, pressured by work, short on time, lacking the appetite for prayer, or more strongly drawn to do something else.
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  • Motown and the turbocharged church

    Detroit hasn’t gotten a lot of good press in recent decades as it’s struggled to cope with the myriad problems of rustbelt American cities in the age of globalization.
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  • Making a good death

    Which is it? Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? It no doubt goes both ways. What’s interesting is the regularity with which certain themes come up time and again. Take, for example, death.
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  • Ending one’s life in New Zealand

    This is an excerpt from the New Zealand Catholic bishops’ submission to a government inquiry on public attitudes toward the introduction of legislation to permit medically assisted dying in the event of a terminal illness or irreversible condition.
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  • California’s End of Life Option Act: ‘Ominous’ signs

    In the first seven months after California’s new physician-assisted suicide law went into effect, 111 Californians legally committed suicide with state approval.
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  • The ‘expendable children’

    Couples who struggle to get pregnant are turning with greater frequency to the in vitro fertilization industry for assistance. In some cases, they can end up feeling they are “too pregnant” when twins, triplets or quads arise.
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  • Coping with anxiety and depression

    Anxiety and depression are common problems today. A sense of isolation tends to heighten these problems, yet it seems the more advanced society becomes, the more it is a challenge for people to stay connected in meaningful ways.
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  • Our utmost in dealing with our faith

    The complexity of adulthood inevitably puts to death the naivete of childhood. And this is true too of our faith. Not that faith is a naiveté. It isn’t.
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  • Embracing our ancient faith

    Nicholas Owen was canonized 364 years after his death.
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  • Inspiration and clarity

    Thank you for the inspiring coverage of the life and funeral of Archbishop John Raphael Quinn in the July 13 edition. He led the Catholic Church through some troublesome times with Christian charity, care and dignity.
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