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California bishops decry breakdown on budget deal: ‘Devastating for poor’
April 6th, 2011

The breakdown of budget talks between California Gov. Jerry Brown and state lawmakers is “tremendously disappointing for Californians but particularly devastating for the poor and vulnerable,” Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Gerald Wilkerson said April 1 in his role as president of the California Catholic Conference.

Bishop Wilkerson said the news that Gov. Brown and legislative leaders have halted budget talks virtually guarantees there will be no special election in June. Talks with Republican lawmakers fell apart on the Democratic governor’s proposal for a special election on a mixture of budget-balancing cuts and tax extensions.

“The job of elected officials in Sacramento isn’t to carry out partisan agendas, but to pursue the common good,” Bishop Wilkerson said. “We fervently pray that both sides return to the bargaining table as soon as possible and make the compromises necessary to meet our moral responsibility to California’s most vulnerable citizens and put the state back on a solid financial footing.”

From April 8, 2011 issue of Catholic San Francisco.


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