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Safety with fairness for city’s private schools
Apr. 30, 2014, By Bishop Robert W. McElroy
The city of San Francisco is poised to impose a crushing burden upon the Catholic schools of the city. And the worst part is that much of this burden is totally unnecessary.

Interview with new auxiliary bishop: Bishop-elect McElroy: ‘Bring true discipleship to the public square’
Sep. 1, 2010
Bishop-elect Robert McElroy, newly named 17th auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, believes lay Catholics in the Archdiocese have an important role to play to revitalize not only the inner life of the Church but also the public life of the Bay Area.

St. Gregory leaders reflect on their work with Bishop-elect McElroy
Sep. 1, 2010, By George Raine
When he assumes his episcopal duties for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, look for Bishop-elect Robert McElroy to bring the skill set and pastoral style that endear him to the St. Gregory Parish community of San Mateo, where he has ministered as pastor since 1996.

Early years: new bishop is described as fun-loving, adventurous, with an interest in the priesthood
Sep. 1, 2010, By Valerie Schmalz
Bishop-elect Robert McElroy’s interest in the priesthood started early – somewhere around second or third grade, with a decision to enter the minor seminary at 14 setting him on his way.

Dignitatis Humanae: Coat of arms features Vatican II document, ‘Of the Dignity of the Human Person’
Sep. 1, 2010
The following description of the Episcopal Coat of Arms of Bishop Robert W. McElroy is written in the vocabulary of heraldry as expressed in the Old English language by way of its French roots.

Strong leaders, colorful personalities among 16 auxiliaries who precede 17th Auxiliary Bishop Robert W. McElroy
Sep. 1, 2010, By Deacon Jeffrey Burns, Ph.D.
When Joseph Sadoc Alemany, a Dominican, became the first U.S. bishop of California in 1850, his diocese included all of Baja and Alta California. In 1853 when the Archdiocese was established, it covered all of northern California from the southern boundary of Santa Clara County ...

Msgr. McElroy named auxiliary bishop
Jul. 6, 2010
Pope Benedict XVI named Msgr. Robert W. McElroy to be an Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.


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